Artist Spotlight: Laura Bell and Matt Haffner’s New Mural for Living Walls

whitespace artists Laura Bell & Matt Haffner recently unveiled a new mural as part of the 2013 Living Walls Conference. The duo were asked to paint an abandoned building in the Summerhill neighborhood of Atlanta, just blocks from Turner Field. Living Walls, the nonprofit arts group that brings street artists from around the world to the city of Atlanta, was asked to paint 10 walls in the Summerhill area. Buildings along Georgia Avenue have now been transformed into brightly colored murals thanks to Laura, Matt and the rest of the Living Walls artists.

'The Collector' by Laura Bell & Matt Haffner. Photo by Dustin Chambers

Matt and Laura explain the concept for their mural:

“The mural proposed for the buildings at the corner of Georgia Ave. and Reed St. in the Summerhill Neighborhood of Atlanta is titled The Collector. With The Collector, Haffner and Bell create a work that depicts the figure in an urban landscape, but with proliferation of flora and fauna, examines the complex relationship between the chaos of natural forms and human desire to structure and order that chaos. The mural depicts a crouching man surrounded by colorful flora and fauna, reaching into a tiny doorway in the wall, extending his hand to an elusive insect, just beyond his grasp. This piece neatly marries the styles of these two differing artist; one being figurative and narrative the other being semi-abstract and intuitive, to make a piece that visually engages the community and visitors to the Turner Field area.”

Check out the mural in person at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Reed Street, and see more of Laura & Matt’s latest mural in this article on Huffington Post.

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