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Artist’s Talk with Suellen Parker at whitespace

November 10, 2012 at 4 pm

Suellen Parker "The Tie that Binds" at whitespace

Suellen Parker, "The Tie that Binds," archival inkjet print, 40"x40"

Whitespace is pleased to host an artist’s talk with Suellen Parker in the main gallery on Saturday, November 10 at 4 pm. She will discuss her latest body of work, Letting Go, giving visitors insight into her process and the themes of personal and gender identity that permeate her photo illustrations. Letting Go is up now through Saturday, November 24, 2012.

Make sure you also take a moment to check out Parker’s interview with BurnAway.

Whitespec | 814 Edgewood Avenue | Atlanta, GA


“Beneath the Setting Sun” at Puritan Mill

new and previously seen paintings by Sarah Emerson

Sarah Emerson "The Overlook" at Puritan Mill

Sarah Emerson, "The Overlook," rhinestones and acrylic on canvas, 48"x60"

Opening reception: Wednesday, November 14 | 6 pm – 9 pm

November 14, 2012 – January 31, 2013

Join Sarah Emerson at Puritan Mill on Wednesday, November 14 for the opening reception of Beneath the Setting Sun. This exhibition presents primarily new works that have never been shown in Atlanta, which share the same mix of candy-like colors and macabre narratives that is indicative of her artistic style. In the exhibition, Beneath the Setting Sun, Emerson refers to a phrase from Lewis Carroll’s introduction to Alice in Wonderland where Carroll reflects on his whimsical creation of Alice and her journeys through Wonderland after falling through the rabbit hole. As a parallel tale to Alice’s journey, in this selection of paintings Emerson examines contemporary landscape and the history of specific locations that embody the haunting echoes of paradise and innocence lost. In the gap between concept and abstraction, Emerson hopes to document the collision of the actual event in its place and the imaginary tale of the event abstracted by distance, time, and romantic notoriety. Inspired by actual battlefields, a haunted forest in Japan, and woodland creatures peering through the branches, she creates a fantastical analogical study of the actual places combined with the myths and remnants associated with that site.

Puritan Mill | 916 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd. | Atlanta, GA

Artist’s Talk with Malika Sqalli in whitespec at whitespace

November 15, 2012 at 6:30 pm

Malika Sqalli at whitespec

Malika Sqalli, "les Oiseaux a l'Aube (Birds at Dawn) Sunrise Rabat, Morocco," c-print, 32"x24"

Join us for an artist’s talk with Austrian-Moroccan photographer Malika Sqalli in whitespec on Thursday, November 15 at 6:30 pm. She is returning to Atlanta to discuss her photographic journey around the world on latitude 34, an imaginary line connecting her hometown of Rabat, Morocco; Atlanta, Georgia; and numerous cities across the globe. This is also one of the last opportunities to see Latitude 34 before it closes Saturday, November 24, 2012.  

Read a glowing review by Jerry Cullum on ArtsATL that describes Malika’s “auspicious Atlanta debut at whitespace.”

Whitespec | 814 Edgewood Avenue | Atlanta, GA


Marcia Vaitsman + Fereydoon Family

“Georgia Artists from Other Countries” as part of “Passport to Celebrations” at

The Atlanta History Center

passport to celebrationsCelebrate the vast multi-cultural community of our great city at the Atlanta History Center’s exciting new event: Passport to Celebrations.  This one-of-a-kind installation will take visitors on a whirlwind flight around the world featuring tablescapes and vignettes created by an impressive roster of interior designers and retailers showcasing holidays from across the globe – both secular and religious – tantalizing the eye and educating the spirit of values we all share when families and friends come together.

On display from November 14 through December 30, 2012, Passport to Celebrations will offer visitors a unique opportunity to explore more than twenty international holidays – from Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights; to Carnevale in Venice; to Mexico’s Dias de Muertos; to the Festival of Yams in Ghana; to the Jewish harvest festival Sukkot –  through the lens of locally and internationally renowned designers.  The event will also honor Georgia’s federal, state, and local leaders; Consuls general; and clergy representing all faiths; as well as lay leaders with a demonstrated record of bridge building in our community.

Atlanta History Center | 130 West Paces Ferry Road | Atlanta, GA


Meg Aubrey + Laura Bell + Sarah Emerson

Seana Reilly + Richard Sudden + Marcia Vaitsman

“Little Things Mean a Lot”  at the  Swan Coach House Gallery

This year marks the 13th year of our holiday show, Little Things Mean A Lot. exhibit has become as popular with the artists across the region as it has with the public and our loyal patrons. The most highly anticipated exhibit of the year, our “lucky 13th” edition will not disappoint!

As curator, I always try to showcase a broad spectrum of art and artists, while upholding high quality standards. I make sure that the work is visually pleasing, offering “something for everyone.” I love to show the work of young emerging artists along side that of more prominent established artists. Because of the number of talented artists in our area, I invite an entirely new group to participate each year. They all seem to enjoy the challenge of working small.

Once again the walls of the gallery will be covered with well over 300 little works of art created by 115 participating artists. As in years past, we will replace sold work with new pieces, thereby creating a fresh and exciting, ever-changing art exhibit. For that reason, we hope you will visit us often, plan to buy for yourself or others, and experience the thrill of why little things mean a lot!

– Marianne B. Lambert, Curator


Sean Abrahams  Wendy Adams  Lisa Alembik  Katherine Allen-Coleman  Larry Anderson  Aaron Artrip  Meg Aubrey  Susan Beallor-Snyder   Laura Bell  Vicki Bethel  Teresa Bramblett Reeves   Arlene Brass  Eileen Braun  Lucinda Bunnen  Kevin Byrd  Dennis Campay  Victoria Campbell  Carolyn Carr  Kevin Chambers  Dale Clifford  Kelly Cloninger  Kevin Cole  Katie Coleman  Ande Cooke  Andrew Crawford   Helen Ferguson Crawford  Jesse Cregar  Jaynie Crimmins  Jerry Cullum   Lucy Currie  M. Marling de Cuellar  Elyse Defoor   Rebecca des Marais  Terri Dilling  Sarah Emerson  Sarah Flinn  Tom Francis  Steve Frenkel  Nikita Gale Rich Gere  Ben Goldman  Marc Granberry  Paul Hagadorn  Jeanne Harriman B.K. Hart  Jennifer Hartley Paige Harvey  Deborah Heidel  Jenny Henley  Roxane Hollosi  E.K. Huckaby Maxine Hull  Scott Ingram  Donna Johnson  Michelle Jordan  Will Kay  J.E. Kemp  Beverly Key  Grace Kim  Masha Kouznetsova  Karl Kroeppler  Jack Lawing  Anita Lentz   Beth Lilly  Wen Huei Lin Deborah W. Llewellyn  Alan Loehle  George Long  Aubrey Longley-Cook  Tyrus Lytton  Pat Magers Kathrin Mattox  Birgit McQueen  Paul Muldawer  Tom Meyer   Erin Palovick  Sarah Perez Leslie Ann Price  Barbara Kendall Reed  Seana Reilly  Nicollette Reim  Martha Rodgers  Ann Rowles  Richard Russell  Suzy Schultz  Estella Semeco  Nathan Sharatt  Robert Sherer  Allison Shockley  Brian Schutz  Mimi Hart Silver  Leslie Snipes Preston Snyder  Nikki Starz  Ann Stewart Jean Stewart  Richard Sudden  James Taylor  Kelly Thiel  Ellen Tomy  Bill Turner  Lisa Tuttle  Marcia Vaitsman  Lydia Walls  Holly White   Debra Williams  Vanessa Williams  Jessica Wohl  Ken Woodall

Swan Coach House Gallery | 3130 Slaton Drive NW | Atlanta, GA

Michele Schuff “Seasonal Color”      Gallery Walk at Terminus

November 19 – February 20, 2012

Michele Schuff "Love Courage"

Michele Schuff "Love Courage"

Curator’s Statement:

In most cultures, there are colors specifically associated with seasons and celebrations. The winter and holiday season here in America is one that has strong ties to color. The snow and ice that typically arrives during this time of year makes white a common color associated with winter, while shades of red, green, blue and black harken to the religious celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

This exhibition presents artwork made by artists working entirely within the color white. A color with surprisingly unlimited possibilities, the artists represented use every medium in order to explore its many shades, tones and textures. These white artworks are then juxtaposed and contrasted against bright red, green, blue and black backgrounds as an examination and tribute to all of the cultural associations of the season.

-Anne Lambert Tracht, Curator

Exhibiting Artists:

Syd Atkinson | Arlene Brass | Raúl Diáz | Mark Gardner | Annette Gates | Marietta Hoferer | Kenn Kotara | Mario Petrirena | Dixie Purvis | Gernot Riether  
Michele Schuff | Jack Slentz | Karen Tauches | Brian Schutz | Venske & Spänle | Cynthia Thompson | Gregor Turk

About Gallery Walk at Terminus:

Case Studies at Terminus 100 and 200 are located inside the lobbies of the Terminus 100 and Terminus 200 buildings at the corner of Peachtree and Piedmont in Buckhead. Both lobbies are open to the public Monday through Friday 8 am – 7 pm, as well as, after hours via the Security Desk. Parking is located in the parking decks directly behind Terminus 100 and Terminus 200 buildings off Piedmont Road.


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