An artistic collaboration between friends.

Currently on view in the gallery is Unless & Until, a multimedia collaboration between Julie Püttgen (paintings), JS van Buskirk (text), James R. Carlson (music) and Matt Gilbert (video).

Evolving from a series of narrative, pictorial paintings to story lines and songs with the addition of animation, Unless & Until is the result of a collaboration in chance and friendship. A recent conversation with the artists illuminated the creative process behind their work.

JS van Buskirk, Julie Püttgen, James R. Carlson & Matt Gilbert.
Julie discusses her paintings. 
Annotated screening where the artists explained the evolution 
of each chapter of the animated book version of the pictorial narrative.
Exhibition is through June 19th. 
The book, CD & DVDs are available for purchase at the gallery.
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday
11 am – 5 pm or by appointment.

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