"The Worlds Were In His Speech But Now They’re In Reach"

Nameless Namer
{october 17- november 15}

constructions and drawings by Lauren Clay
sound by Daniel Clay and Nat Slaughter
organized by Lisa Kurzner

” Atlanta native Lauren Clay has grown from a formalist into something of an environmental philosopher. Using only paper and acrylic mirror, she standing and wall-mounted works, mediates the architectural surroundings of the gallery space to create a collaborative experience for visitors. Clay’s larger assemblage works include geometric armatures referencing space capsules or private environments that come to life in relation to other paper forms. They absorb and emit light, reflected onto the floor and walls, thereby extending sculptural form as light into the gallery space. Scale shifts within these open, relational pieces are intended to sensitized viewers to the particulars of the environment.

The smaller wall works recall Clay’s earlier sculptural paper works, drooping forms suspending on the wall, heavy with surrealist psychologist.. Now the small structures are crisp and sprightly, combining decorative motifs with subtle anthropomorphic forms. Large-scale drawings and gouaches punctuate the installation. “

Nameless Namer {2008}

Nat Slaughter, Lauren Clay, and Daniel Clay

Artist Lauren Clay by her piece, Inverted Continuum {2008}

Anonymous appearance by Cathy Byrd and Jennifer Brown

Artist Ann-Marie Manker and her boyfriend

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