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Atlanta Magazine: Our City’s Most Powerful Leaders

Atlanta Magazine: Our City’s Most Powerful Leaders

January, 2019
Atlanta Magazine

For 15 years, Atlanta native Susan Bridges curated pop-up shows around the city in churches, U-Haul facilities, shipping containers, and an underground parking garage. in 2006 she opened Whitespace Gallery in a former carriage house behind her Victorian home in Inman Park. Today the gallery represents more than 40 local and national artists, who’ve shown work at the Smithsonian Institution, the Venice Biennale, and Art Basel Miami Beach.

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December 2018

BURNAWAY’S Best of 2018

December 28,2018
By Burnaway Staff

Inspired by a recent Idea Capital Grant-funded trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, Zipporah Camille Thompson’s dark, cosmographic, and elaborately crafted sculptures and wall hangings in her solo exhibition “Black Cloud Prism” at Whitespace in September was a highlight of this year in Atlanta galleries.

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Installation image of Oshunmare from the Black Cloud Prism show by Zipporah Camille Thompson

Creativity The Art of Living

The Atlantan
By Lauren Finney, Ashton Pike and Presley West

Susan Bridges of Whitespace Gallery ( is more than a gallerist; she’s one of the pillars of the Inman Park community—although art is “what makes me tick,” she says. “It’s my desire and hope that everyone can be excited about art and the creative process.” The gallery, open since 2006, has a mission to “encourage open, artistic expression and promote original, unconventional projects,” which shows in the artists Bridges chooses to represent.

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image of Susan Bridges from The Atlantan article

Photography by Patrick Heagney

Review: Atlanta painter Tommy Taylor explores the divided self in “Threshold”

Review: Atlanta painter Tommy Taylor explores the divided self in “Threshold”

November 26,2018
By Jerry Cullum

Threshold, at Whitespace through December 1, is Tommy Taylor’s latest expedition into the realm of the divided self. On a literal level, this series of paintings begins with a fragmentary, near-abstract rendering of a figure, then progresses through nearly monochromatic images of a model caught in two different moments of dramatic hand gestures, with the face and hands tightly rendered in an otherwise cloudy field of abstraction.

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artwork by Tommy Taylor

Black Cloud Prism | Zipporah Camille Thompson

Zipporah Camille Thompson: Black Cloud Prism

October 2,2018
By Dinah McClintock

Zipporah Camille Thompson’s Black Cloud Prism [September 7–October 20, 2018] at Whitespace in Atlanta fuses millennial tech-savvy with ancient cultural practices to invest mundane materials with “sympathetic magic,” defined by Merriam-Webster as “magic based on the assumption that a person or thing can be supernaturally affected through its name or an object representing it.”

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Installation image of Black Cloud Prism by Zipporah Camille Thompson

Review: Zipporah Camille Thompson and Mary Stuart Hall explore memory and identity at whitespace

September 18,2018
By Muriel Vega

When Zipporah Camille Thompson last showed at Whitespace in 2016 with Dark of the Moon, her work evoked an air of mystery and the unknown. The use of soft textiles contrasting against black paint evoked a sense of darkness, as if mirroring the undiscovered, dark corners of the universe. With her new show, Black Cloud Prism at Whitespace through October 20, the darkness has started to dissipate. Thompson’s work seems to have undergone a metamorphosis as she merges her customary techniques into more cohesive pieces, balancing the former use of objects and textiles with new, lighter hues and photographs.

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Zipporah Camille Thompson, Summoning the Storm, 2018

Atlanta Magazine’s Home Fall 2018

The Art of the Party

November 26,2018
Atlanta Magazine’s Home
By Annette Joseph

My dear friend Liz Lapidus, whose public relations firm represents some of the city’s top restaurants and creatives, has a knack for inviting all the right people to just the right venue. The dinner she hosted one fall evening in the leafy courtyard of Susan Bridges’s Inman Park gallery, Whitespace, was no di erent. There, her intimate group of eight gathered to celebrate Birmingham-based artist Amy Pleasant’s show Writing Pictures.

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image of a supper at whitespace gallery for atlanta home magazine

Photography by Gregory Miller

The Creatives | Ruth Dusseault

Audio Q&A: Ruth Dusseault documents off-grid millennials in “The Creatives”

August 2,2018
By Amy Kiley

Atlanta-based photographer and filmmaker Ruth Dusseault has traveled throughout North America documenting young people who live in communal groups outside societal structures and norms. She brings her findings to the public in a collection of photographs, shorts films and other media that reflect her background as both an artist and a journalist.

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Ruth Dusseault, Adam and Eve, North Carolina, 2015 (30

Review: Modern hippie movement the focus of Atlanta photographer’s show

August 7,2018
By Felicia Feaster

Atlanta-based artist Ruth Dusseault has spent the past several years documenting some current strains of the counterculture across the country, and people united by their desire to drop out of mainstream life.

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“Adam and Eve, Skill Sharing Festival, North Carolina” is featured in Atlanta artist Ruth Dusseault’s solo exhibition “The Creatives” at Inman Park’s Whitespace Gallery. CONTRIBUTED BY WHITESPACE GALLERY Photo: For the AJC
Review: Modern hippie movement the focus of Atlanta photographer’s show