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Matt Haffner Interview
June 10, 2012
By Marc Brotherton

How long have you been in Atlanta? What brought you here?

I moved to Atlanta in ’99 to be close to my son who was 9 at the time. I finished grad school a year earlier and Laura my wife was just finishing up. We then packed up and moved here with out jobs, knowing anyone or having any connections. For me though it was a much higher priority than moving to New
York for a possible art career; Family always needs to come first. Read More.

Matt Haffner’s got street cred
Artist’s solo show celebrates the seamy side of Atlanta life

September 20, 2011
Creative Loafing
by Felicia Feaster

In artist Matt Haffner’s work, Atlanta is a rich urban tapestry teeming with interesting people and places. It is the stomping ground of graffiti artists and street ministers and other denizens of the dusty street corner. Haffner’s the guy you need driving taxis from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to give visitors a little atmospheric detour on the way to their Buckhead hotel, to let them see Atlanta isn’t reducible to the city of malls and cul-de-sacs it’s often billed as. A former street artist, Haffner is interested in the emotional nature of city life: all of the things that occur as you’re walking the streets and watching the strange, fascinating parade of humanity and the palimpsest of architecture scroll by. Read More.