Julia Hill + bio | statement | press

Through the use of abstract forms and representational elements, the work explores contemporary societal tendencies toward, and acceptance of, chimerical illusions. It is an attempt to unravel the connections and rifts between what we accept as reality and adapted illusions.

Fear and illusion, imagination and delusion, our minds can create powerful associations and constructs, and our collective cultures have created awesome myths, tales, and mainstream beliefs. Things are not always as they seem has become an increasingly important concept in mainstream culture.

In these sculptures, negative space becomes positive forms. The object, the shadows, and the viewer’s physical perspective interact variably to reconstruct that object. The sculptural play on reality has led to abstract forms that utilize recognizable elements, objects that attempt and strive for a function never to be met, and materials that deny their origin. The body of work is a play on visual interpretation and viewer preconceptions of objects, function, space, and form.