A Passion for Plastic: Opening Reception

Curated by Leslie Kniesel, Not Biodegradable opened to quite a crowd!

Intrigued by how the artists explored how plastic can be transformed into art, some guests even decided to get a little up close & personal…

 The ladies of Whitespace enjoy David Grant’s sculpture “Damon.” 
(L-R: Kat Ivey, Sage Fountain & Leslie Hochsztein)  

Viewers contemplate works by Jon Rajkovich(L) and Shirley Tse (R).
Pushpins as systemized floral arrangements.
Artist Alison Foshee in front of her wallpiece “Mother Board.”
(Photographer: Terry Kearns)
Artist Jon Rajkovich with his artwork made from found objects.
(Photographer: Terry Kearns)

Not Biodegradable is on view until September 4, 2010.
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